Why use Reeflite

Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP)

The company holds an exclusive, market leading position in GRP production and employees are highly skilled. GRP is unique in this application insofar that it is lightweight, does not rust and is easy to install.

Cold press process

The business is the largest cold press manufacturer in South Africa, and this method of manufacture is, significantly more efficient than hand layup production processes. The Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) cold press technologies, developed by Reeflite, can be applied in the manufacture of other lighting solutions or products that lend themselves to GRP construction. This presents potential to add significant value through production cost savings on complimentary, alternative and future products.

Lifetime guarantee

All housings are marketed with lifetime guarantees. In the businesses since 1989, calls on this guarantee have been rare and immaterial.

Control gear

The control gear utilised in all Reeflite products is sourced from suppliers of only equipment that conforms to the highest international quality standards, setting the Reeflite product range apart from competing products.

High quality, precision designed components

Reflectors and casings are designed and produced in-house, using specialised methods and processes. It is the original design of these components that provides Reeflite products with superior photometry. As such, quality and adherence to strict manufacturing controls are fiercely regulated to maintain this competitive position.

Service led culture and short lead times

The quality of work, service levels, after sales support and short lead times provide Reeflite with a significant competitive advantage. Industry norms dictate a 3-4 week lead time from order placement to delivery, whereas Reeflite's is able to offer a considerably shorter lead time of 2-3 days due to well managed capacities, production scheduling, demand analysis and controlled supply chain efficiencies that extend to a closely managed stock-holding.