Registration Procedure

  • To register online, the user clicks on the “dealer registration” button at the top right hand corner
  • The user then enters all their details required and then clicks on the “submit your details” button at the bottom
  • The user will then receive an email, of which they need to click on the link to activate the new online account and validate the email address
  • The account will be verified with the account details on the Reeflite database and if all the details are correct, Reeflite will activate the account
  • If the user does not activate their account via email in step 3, Reeflite can override this process by doing the final activation as per step 4
  • Once the account has been activated, Reeflite will send a confirmation email stating that the account has been activated and ready to use
  • Unless Reeflite has activated the account in step 4 or 5, the user won’t be able to use their account or order online.
  • Once the user account has been registered and they have received their activation email, the user can proceed ordering and buying online