Product Summary


Reeflite offers a wide variety of locally manufactured floodlights for most applications. Our Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) floodlights are guaranteed for 20 years against UV deterioration, damage caused by hail and corrosion at coastal areas. Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) fittings are available in various colours.
floodlight fittings

LED Floodlights

Reeflite imports and distributes quality LED floodlights. An energy efficient alternative to lower wattage HID fittings.
led floodlight

Outdoor Fittings

Reeflite locally manufactures outdoor fittings from bollards to braailites

Commercial Bulkheads

Reeflite locally manufactures bulkheads from polycarbonate material for long term durability
commercial bulkhead

Industrial Bulkheads

Reeflite’s industrial bulkheads are ideal for the mining industry and available in a variety of wattages with and ingress protection of 65
industrial bulkhead

Highbay Fittings

Reeflite manufactures a full range of highbays with either a 420mm diameter reflector (Econobay) or a 520mm diameter reflector (Superbay), with the option of glass covers for certain applications. TBAYS are also available
highbay fittings

Lowbay Fittings

Reeflite manufactures a full range of lowbays with the option of glass cover for certain applications
lowbay fittings

Fluorescent Fittings

Reeflite distributes quality locally manufactured fluorescent fittings from the various open channels to recessed and surfaced mount low brightness, double parabolic and decorative fittings.
recessed fluorescent luminaires

IP65 fluorescent

Reeflite imports a quality IP65 fluorescent components from Europe and assembles the fittings locally with locally bought control gear and components.
ip65 fluorescent lighting

Post Top

Reeflite manufactures various wattage Post Top fittings for parking lots and pathways. Available in various colours
post lighting


Reeflite is the sole distributor for Luceco in South Africa. They are manufacturers of LED panels, downlights, track lights, pendants, wall lights, under cabinet lighting, amenity lighting and industrial lighting, LED floodlights and LED lamps and tubes. Luceco falls the Nexus group of companies with their head office in Telfodshire, UK. They have a wholly owned manufacturing company in China and all their products are made to European standards, and distribute to UK, Middle East, USA, Asia pacific and Africa. Luceco have a global worth of £90m and the Luceco team have over 80 years combined lighting experience behind them, gained over disciplines such as product design, development, testing and product management. This enviable expertise couples with the resources of Nexus mean that Luceco have the knowlekge and ability to be at the forefront of LED lighting technology. Their products save money, reduce energy use and a reduction in the carbon footprint.
LuxPanel lighting


Reeflite is a distributor of Costa Lambrianos who offer more than just hand drying systems. With the evolution of the hygiene market and the demands for more innovative dispensing systems and turnkey washroom solutions, they now offer a full range of hygiene products in many different ranges, which are customizable to our client’s needs and market demands. Costa Lambrianos, through strong international ties, a dedication to quality, innovation and service have established themselves over the past 28 years as industry leaders for all your washroom and hygiene requirements with a wide range of market leading products to suit any budget.
Stainless Steel Hand Dryer


Reeflite are distributors of Eveready batteries. Eveready have been manufacturing batteries since 1937 and remain the only manufacturer of dry cell batteries in South Africa. Eveready’s world class manufacturing operation offers consumers an exciting and diverse product mix.
Evereday batteries