Our Services

Industrial lighting products

Reeflite produces various industrial lighting products across a broad range of categories;
  • floodlights for security, signage, sports areas and factory lighting applications
  • hi-bays designed for indoor use, including factory and warehouse lighting
  • low-bays for industrial applications where ceiling heights are limited
  • post-tops which are used to illuminate parks and gardens
  • bulkheads for corridor, factory, building perimeters, security and architectural lighting
  • fluorescent channels that are used in commercial applications with low ceilings

Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) is utilised to produce industrial lighting products on custom-built presses. The finished product range boasts the following features:
  • superior quality control gear sourced from leading suppliers
  • high performance and custom designed 99% pure aluminium reflectors
  • corrosion proof cast aluminium lamp holder housing and heat tempered glass
  • GRP housing that is marketed with a lifetime guarantee

Retail lamps

Reeflite offers a range of highly sought after mid-priced lamps, sold through electrical wholesalers. These lamps are sourced from tried and tested Chinese manufacturers featuring highly efficient compact fluorescent lamps with a power factor of .95 and a class-leading heat rating.

The company is increasing turnover by importing additional lamps and establishing a dedicated spare parts distribution channel for these lamps. Retail opportunities based upon the numerous enquiries for direct consumer sales of these lamps are currently being evaluated.

Future products

Given the South African, and global, electricity supply shortage, the international market is rapidly moving towards energy saving alternatives. The European Union has taken the decision to phase-out incandescent light bulbs in the EU by 2012 with the rest of the world following suit. As a result, the business has recognised that "green" lighting holds substantial future potential and is thus currently designing its own range of energy efficient lighting products. Reeflite is well positioned to be a market leader in this area considering that all the necessary technical expertise to produce, service and distribute such a line of products is already in place.

In-house design services

As a further value-added service, design work for consulting engineers is regularly undertaken which involves lighting analysis, site drawings, legal compliance and final design. The sales team is solution-orientated, striving to provide the best advice to customers at all times, and in many instances going the extra mile to unearth the solution to a customer's specific lighting concern.